Selection process


Initial screening started out by using search engines, looking for measures of well-being using key words such as ‘well-being measure’, ‘well-being scale’, ‘measuring well-being’ etc. Such an approach did result in a few scales but was not considered to give a broad view of what measures are out there.

To find measures of psychological well-being the ideal starting point would be a systematic review of well-being measures. Since such a review does not exist, to our knowledge, we choose what we consider to be the second best approach. Looking into widely known measures of well-being and from there identifying other possible measures. Some measures were suggested when advise was sought from an expert in the field.

What is included?

The following guidelines were used for selecting measures to include in WEBMAT:

  • The scale should measure psychological well-being or a construct that is a part of psychological well-being (e.g. life satisfaction, resilience, meaning and purpose).
  • It should have been used in research that has been published in English in the last 10 years.
  • Psychometric properties should have been checked in more than one sample. Including validity, reliability and factor structure.